27 février 2005

Make Money Just Having Your Computer On

It costs nothing to join and make money. Once set up, you don't have to do
anything, and you can track your income up to the second.

I am making about $15 a day just for leaving my PC running

This is still a relatively unknown programme, meaning there is a lot of potential to get lots of sign-ups, before everyone joins when word gets out that this is paying.

  The main page of PPC Appraisal is not impressive, but it does make money and does not require any sponsoring, although you may invite others for faster profit.



  A Little Info. To Help Explain
There is not a lot of information at the website, so I will explain to you what was explained to me by my sponsor.

The programme works kind of like those click on search engines and get paid king of programmes, except for 2 things.

First of all, you don't have to click on any links--it's all run automatically in the background.

Second, it doesn't give you just one search engine that makes you money.
Right now there are about 21 search engines that run within the program, which if you run your computer 24/7 you will make about $15 a day.

In about a month they will be adding about another 200 search engines.

At that point you'll make between $40 and $60 a day...just for being online.
That's with no referrals. If you have any referrals, you get 5% of their running time as well, 4 levels deep. The potential to make a great deal of money is very evident.

The way it works is that each search engine builds up a separate total of your surfing time. You have to reach an amount of $60 before you get paid from each separate search engine.

By my figuring, if you had your computer running 24/7, with no referrals it would take you about 2 months to build up to $60 in each of the 21now running search engines. $60 times 21 equals $1260! That's not bad for 2 months of doing nothing.

Now figure what it would be, going with the minimum of $40 per day, when they add the 200 search engines. $40 times 224 equals $8960 !!
Remember that's with no referrals!




  Here are the instructions to earn while letting your computer run:

You must go here and fill out the form:


Where it says
Company Name put:  ppc appraisal.

For url put:  www.ppcappraisal.com

For TAX ID I just put:  n/a

Fill the rest out normally.

Now login.

That will take you to a menu.

Click on Requests.

At the bottom of the page hit Select All, then Request.

After that, back to the bottom of the page and hit, Page 2, then
Select All, then Request.

If there are MORE than 2 pages (and there will be soon), do the same
for EACH page.



  Once you have joined PPC APPRASIAL contact me with your ID and I will send you all the information you need to

start earning while you sleep


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